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No , yes.

The thing holding me back is time to money ratio.

I'm being required to do all this medical bs to get/stay on disability.  So I'm constantly running around.

Once I get ON SS, my time will free up considerably.  And I can stop spending all my money on machines and medicines etc.

I don't need the lawsuits to win. I just need to not spend what time I feel decent running all over the place spending money I don't have.

And this bears repeating.  If it was JUST a matter if a desktop site, like in 2006, this would be done.  But the templates and code i learned in hs/college are the OPPOSITE of mobile friendly.

I never was a direct creator, I was always a manager.  I put random shit together and make it more than the sum if it's parts.  Attempting to learn and code mobile from scratch, would be much less efficient then I care to attempt at this point, esp  since I only for see a need to use the skill once.  Maintaining code is totally different than creating code.

It's a BIG waste of time compared to content creation, which cones down to time dispersion. I can crank that out fast if I wasn't bring pulled in10k directions.  I can't learn how to code mobile very quickly at all, even if i had my time managed the way i want it.

quick update:

Court cases are wrapping up one way or another pretty soon, in Federal terms.  either we're going to be proceeding shortly, OR appeal the Supreme court.

If that fails, then time to put the thumbscrews on Congress, they made this mess, they can fix it if the Courts won't.
News / loss of theme
March 01, 2024, 05:02:26 AM
helios is incompatible with smf 2.1

replacement shopping
News / To whomever thinks it's cute
March 01, 2024, 01:20:04 AM
To whomever thinks it's cute too keep fucking deleting my settings file, I'm going to hunt you down and sue the living shit out of you as  soon I trace your ass,

I'm not kidding, ask  anyone that's fucked with me.
That shows how little you know about copyright law.

C 2001 since 2001 establishes copyright, it is Not only not illegal, it protects my legal rights. Exception is if Jim actually bothered to file IN 2001, and that's highly contestable anyway, and he would have to try and sue me, and he's gonna laughed outta court at this point.n.  Highly double that lazy ass loafing idiot ever bothered to file shit, and i know  you didn't.  Gu is actually going to behosting my Community Center project anyway, and once I get the grants cleared for that, i can hire that guy to redo everything.

As for the other  the name, they can fuck off too, we were using that name first,so they have no standing to sue, even if they did file  it in 2002.   We are  also not in a conflating position, meaning they don't run online programming and art hosting, and I don;t run a Game store,  nor are either one of us claiming to be the other.

And no I really don't. there's a difference between being able to relearn an skilltree  that a bunch of people fucked up and added an entirely new dimension too in clell phones over the 20 years,  and yelling at Best Buy and the Feds.
saving up money for that guy to recode everything, but since that  sleep doctor almost killed me, i've been having to dick with social security on t
op of every thing else.
if i can afford it.  Looks good

Right now I'm about to beat Tile and best buys heads together.  Apparently it's perfectly okay for best buy to point fingers at each other between corporate and the store on who's gonna pay the settlement they offered.  And tile thinks it okay to ignore me because they fucking Feel like it.
Drawing / Re: sye tutorial
February 16, 2023, 01:59:15 PM
nah she took it down
Jimmy is a European trucker, and considering he gave  up about what 2012, 2013?  And business was good. I assume because he just got sick of things.

Not that I give a fuck.  Jimmy NEVER took an active role in anything, and after 2003 or so basically stopped doing SHIT.  First relying on me, then when Dad cut off the Internet, Seether.
His inactivity  set the stage for Seether, being infatuated with SZ at the time, and mad because I was in a road trip when his Dad died,  to overstep his authority, and boot me without consult to anyone.  The role he was given was to have Jim's vote if there was a tie.  Nothing else, certainly not to betray and remove the guy that fucking hired him over Jim's objections.  I am not, and never was his damn employee, and Jim is just as fucking guilty for being to goddamn lazy to back me up.

The domian name requires a password reset evey year?  So since i bought 5? I think, I keep getting locked out of it.  Domain is paid for quite a while.  Hosting is paid toll September, and mocha is pretty affordable in these  huge time chunks, and i found a similar host about 25% cheaper.

My issue is the chronic insomnia/narcolepsy. I think given all my symptoms though, I have a fructan allergy and probably have a outlier  case of fibromyalgia.  So. I'm having to be very agressive and careful in gettimg set up to work for myself, so i can be up and down as I please.  Gu will have to be part of that, hence why I'm more worried about comtent creation, then activity at the moment.

News / State of the Site adress Q3 2022
October 20, 2022, 10:21:17 PM
So things have not gone to plan, covid being the driving force.

First and foremost  I essentially went from making $37 an hour equivalent to 18, to now ABOUT 12.00 an hour on short term.  This leaves me short on cash, hard.  For those of you wondering how this happens, its the  result of the loss of 20 hours a week over time, and then having to go on disability (which has consumed more time with appointments tests and bullshit then working did.)  Covid KILLED over time DOA.

I have found  a service that will help me modernize what i want to do, AND make it most importantly. MOBILE COMPATIBLE.  This is something that is new to me, and has been a source of major fustration.  However, with the pay cut, I cannot afford to utilize this service Currently.  after bonuses and taxes, I will probably be purchasing this service. 

That being said, the good news is, since I'm not going to worry about the main coding any more, just gonna wait till  an afford to have them do it, I can focus on the other major requests, and that's the arcade and the art studios.
Most the art stuff is set up, just gotta convince people to use it.  Arcade though needs some serious work, i need to find either onsite secure flash emulator, or a non flash based arcade, both of which seem to be nonexistent.

Still working on it, but I don't want  anything half assed.
Web Comics / Re: A God without power is still a God
September 26, 2022, 01:06:17 AM
all characters are gendered:"they", as is they are sexless

So for instance if a character was female in life, their pronouns are She/They, males, He/They, etc.

Preempting the debate about why all characters are portrayed as male.  Extraneous body parts aren't needed in this universe.
Web Comics / Web comics
August 30, 2022, 11:59:04 PM
Web comics start with their own threads, if they get popular enough I will give them their own forum.
Web Comics / A God without power is still a God
August 30, 2022, 11:57:01 PM

A God without power is still a God

After gaining recognition from Jehovah Mekoddishkem, for completing his/thier role in the world, Juestan rules his/their Universe, and is down right bored. With a look, he/they can quell what little unrest there is. Sin is impossible, Hell hath claimed the few thousand souls that belong there, the righteous rewarded, the slackers in faith and fellowship building their repentance and his/thier City.

What is a Representative of God to do?  Rescind his/thier  power, and allow the world to become interesting!

Sidenote: The ripple lines represent Juestan's martyrdom.  In this universe he was drowned by having his head held in a bucket, his executioners believing that's the way to humiliate a man who claims to be more then a man. This also makes him/them a lesser Magister in the Multiverse, having had an easier and less influential role in his/thier world while it was active then other Magisters.  This won't be super important, other then the symbology.

my web comic, slow updates, but it's a start
General Chit Chat / Re: Do forums even have a future?
August 30, 2022, 11:49:35 PM
Yes actually, I do intend to do some more in depth stock market stuff.

I'm also starting a web comic:

I still plan on doing the races, but I cannot find out how to make videos only appear when they are live.  This is important so that only race participant streams show without having to manually set up each race.

Also now that I got Mocha to turn on and explain why they don't allow HTML access ftp accounts(idiots), i can offer hosting to others,like my DND group.

Lot's of things coming.  Discord has one fatal flaw in my opinion.  it's hard to, besides making a ton of channels to separate things, forums are still the one of,if not the, most EFFICIENT form of communications, even if they aren't the most convenient any more.