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News / Starting over, and database erasure
« on: September 13, 2020, 01:42:42 AM »
Quote from: zeo
Rowan appears to have made a decision to remove the database, whether or not  I can convince that that is the single most destructive thing to GU he could have done, and fix it, I do not know.

I do not want Rowan in anyway, shape or form to be attacked for this.  I will not tolerate it.  He didn't do it to spite me, or delete our memories, I guess  he feels the database is community property, and that I shouldn't have it for what ever reason. I feel that this is a direct attack on every member, and what GU was.  However I did what was in my nature, and that is to pursue what I believe in, and Rowan is only doing what he feels is right, and that I;m guessing is  the idea he has that  he is  protecting the community. I want that data base restored, but apparently until Rowan decides otherwise,  he has to protect it, and I can respect that.  After the mistake I made tonight, that may be never.   I have e no control on that now,  and I apologize and take my share of the responsibility for this happening.

That being said, my penance for that will be  at bare minimum having to merge accounts when the time comes, I can accept that.

New guidelines will be up  shortly.  GU is going to move in a  new direction, and that direction is going to have be driven by me presenting options and working on the ones people use.  I want this site to be a one stop Shop, anything needed in gaming or support, we're here.  I was hoping not to have to do this alone, but that choice was taken from me. 

SO be it.

Effective immediately, per Rowan's last act as owner, everyone has a clean slate, expect Jim. 

I don't expect anyone to come back, I don't demand it, but I would hope with clear expectations, and Not having the site split between two  people from the start that this time GU won't die.  ore so then anything I feel that's that killed it in the first place, Jim's lack of effort, and refusal to do anything.

Z2e, Enhancement Engine, and Crossover have a home here, and always will.

So apparently, the database is completely destroyed, it is gone.  That is my problem now, I will deal with it.  However I rescind my edict on not bothering Rowan about it, if you have a complaint about that, take it to him in private, (and off site because I doubt he'll respond to any more pms here). I didn't do it.

As this point,  I will be clearing the ban list for the most part.

News / Re: Moving On
« on: September 13, 2020, 12:57:19 AM »
I have no claims to either, and i will not make any. 

As for getting along with Overlord? No you're Right, not on GU if he wouldn't admit he betrayed me, but on a new site, its not out of the question.

I will do what it takes to bring this place back, and Rowan and Overlord are both welcome here. Jim however is not, not until he works tings out with me privately.

Cover Story / FF7 Remix IS here!
« on: September 02, 2020, 05:12:44 PM »

1. Single player engagement
This is pretty simple.  It's an epic RPG, it's the DEFINITION of Single player, and it's a remake of one of the games that Kept single player alive when it started.  Easy to get lost in, believable characters, expanded plot lines.  You'll learn to love to hate Barrett, until he finally stops with the "tuff" guy act. Lots more mini games, and better ones, including a rhythm gaming section.  However you might find your self a little over whelmed.

2. Multiplayer engagement  This game has no known multiplayer yet.  Maybe available in future updates.  Again this is a tribute to Single player games, but might be a turn off to social butterflies.

3. Price point A little on the High side, this game went over budget, over time, and costs the same price as an old school nes game.  That is approx $50.  Most modern Games run either 29.99 or 39.95 at this point (Save anything named Mario or Zelda).  Might be worth it, but it's still pricey.  Might want to wait for it to come down a little.

4. Graphical Appeal: OMG this is where this game outshines the sun.  The graphics are at least Advent Children good, and the only thing stopping this game from being an instant shelf clearer is n no sex scenes, ala Dragon Age.  I literally can not find fault with the graphics whatsoever, this may be the game with the best graphics to DATE.

5. Controls and game play: THIS is where this game FAILS.  The controls, esp in battle, are counter intuitive, and extremely clunky.  They tried to use the KH control layout. KH you have up to 5 slots that autosub out for limit breaks, etc. FF7 Remake has 2 + plus character swapping. etc. So you have considerably more, and they are on a separate menu from your attacks(along whit your items and skills). Beware accidental character swaps.

6. Camera controls and layout-  Layout is mostly intuitive, Materia take a bit of work, but that's common for FF games.  nothing in the menu system is headachey to use once you figure it out.  Camera is pretty hands off, and does a decent job, its hard to lose yourself, nor do you have to keep adjusting the camera while you fight.

7. Aging analysis and replay value  Game should age like fine wine. It's diverse enough and engaging enough to remain fun, and its not a game that dates itself in anyway, or lacks interesting mechanics.  replay value on the other hand, while definitely there, Game is awfully grindy and long, and no real way to skip a lot of cut scemnes.

Over all rating of game is a must buy if you are grand fantasy single player gamer.  Probably on the skip shelf if you're a hardcore multiplayer gamer  ~Zeo

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