Scheduled Maintenance Windows

Started by Zeo, September 16, 2020, 07:18:36 PM

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Emergency maintenance has been completed.

GU will be going down weekends for maintenance and possibly upgrades.  I expect down time windows to mainly be Sunday mornings from approximately 6 am-noon Eastern for the foreseeable future.

Also as is we're working at home and slow season is coming upon us at work, you may see 7-10:30 AM  Eastern Maintenance windows as well.

I have an exciting new Home Page, in mind.   I've also gotten a few offers form some old members on possible new exciting site content!  Stay tuned, Changes are coming and they're all good.

Also we will be collecting everything we can find of the OLD GU and making an archives section, while it doesn't replace the database hopefully we can retrieve some of the memories that were lost.
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If you need help with learning how the current front page is coded, let me know, and I can do what I can. I don't think I still have access to the server, so I'd have to rely on any copies I might have saved on local disk.

Also, a note on updating SMF? There are two types of upgrade packages. Get the larger of the two, upload it to the forum directory, and unzip it, making sure to overwrite files, when it asks. You'll then need to use the update script that is included in the zip to update the database. Easy peasy
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