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Started by ScarletLupercalia, August 17, 2021, 03:28:06 AM

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I'm probably not gonna count on getting a response but I stumbled upon GU Fighter on the Internet Archive. The game (naturally) doesn't work properly on Windows 10, with a complete lack of sound and some lag. Is there some kind of way i can fix this? Additionally i'm slightly interested in making content for the GU Fighter engine as I feel like custom fighting games are my own niche.


Been so many years, can't remember anything about the game.. not sure if the game even worked or not.
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Oh, it worked ... for a while.

And I was the creator, not the developer. That was redteam316 (and, if he served, I didn't know it).

I just put it back up on the boards to see if anyone else wanted to restart the project. Too bad no devs have showed any interest (or time). Oh, well.


As long as Guardian is okay with it, a new coder is welcome and GUF can stay here.

Getting red team's code might be a challenge unless guardian has it and rights to it.  I have a copy that was left on the server,, but not mine to distribute.
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I may have a copy of redteam's game, but I don't have code or rights. Anyone who wants to take it up can let me know. I'll be happy to reupload all the graphics I have.