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Author Topic: Moving On  (Read 1434 times)


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Moving On
« on: September 13, 2020, 12:47:30 AM »
As I have mentioned in my newsletter I sent out, I am giving over what is left of the server here at to Zeo. I wish things could have been different, here, but no one was willing to work on the site back when it could have been saved, and we didn't really have anything to focus on, anyway. Zeo thinks he has a use for the place, may the odds be ever in his favor.

I am retaining ownership of the Facebook group, located at and the Discord server at

If you want to check in, hang out or whatever, we're there, what is left of us, anyway. Overlord and I are working on concepts for a new site, but it will not be affiliated with GU, because I cannot expect Zeo and OL to get along for very long. Therefore it will only be announced externally, including on the FB group and the Discord server, whenever we are ready to announce it.
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Never say never or always. In most cases, there is an exception to anything you can think of that you might use either word in. "Most likely" and "highly improbable" in a lot of those cases would ring true, but not never/always.

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Re: Moving On
« Reply #1 on: September 13, 2020, 12:57:19 AM »
I have no claims to either, and i will not make any. 

As for getting along with Overlord? No you're Right, not on GU if he wouldn't admit he betrayed me, but on a new site, its not out of the question.

I will do what it takes to bring this place back, and Rowan and Overlord are both welcome here. Jim however is not, not until he works tings out with me privately.
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