State of the Site adress Q3 2022

Started by Zeo, October 20, 2022, 10:21:17 PM

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So things have not gone to plan, covid being the driving force.

First and foremost  I essentially went from making $37 an hour equivalent to 18, to now ABOUT 12.00 an hour on short term.  This leaves me short on cash, hard.  For those of you wondering how this happens, its the  result of the loss of 20 hours a week over time, and then having to go on disability (which has consumed more time with appointments tests and bullshit then working did.)  Covid KILLED over time DOA.

I have found  a service that will help me modernize what i want to do, AND make it most importantly. MOBILE COMPATIBLE.  This is something that is new to me, and has been a source of major fustration.  However, with the pay cut, I cannot afford to utilize this service Currently.  after bonuses and taxes, I will probably be purchasing this service. 

That being said, the good news is, since I'm not going to worry about the main coding any more, just gonna wait till  an afford to have them do it, I can focus on the other major requests, and that's the arcade and the art studios.
Most the art stuff is set up, just gotta convince people to use it.  Arcade though needs some serious work, i need to find either onsite secure flash emulator, or a non flash based arcade, both of which seem to be nonexistent.

Still working on it, but I don't want  anything half assed.
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