Who's paying the bills for this site? This site feels like a curse financially!

Started by RetroCheats, January 15, 2023, 10:25:11 PM

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(I don't know what made Jimmy give up, wonder if these forum got to him mentally or money wise)
I remember Rowan struggling to keep these forums going, financially.
Then Zeo takes over (no clue if you're paying the bills) & struggling to keep a good paying job.
These forums feel cursed for whoever takes over and brings bad luck.


Jimmy is a European trucker, and considering he gave  up about what 2012, 2013?  And business was good. I assume because he just got sick of things.

Not that I give a fuck.  Jimmy NEVER took an active role in anything, and after 2003 or so basically stopped doing SHIT.  First relying on me, then when Dad cut off the Internet, Seether.
His inactivity  set the stage for Seether, being infatuated with SZ at the time, and mad because I was in a road trip when his Dad died,  to overstep his authority, and boot me without consult to anyone.  The role he was given was to have Jim's vote if there was a tie.  Nothing else, certainly not to betray and remove the guy that fucking hired him over Jim's objections.  I am not, and never was his damn employee, and Jim is just as fucking guilty for being to goddamn lazy to back me up.

The domian name requires a password reset evey year?  So since i bought 5? I think, I keep getting locked out of it.  Domain is paid for quite a while.  Hosting is paid toll September, and mocha is pretty affordable in these  huge time chunks, and i found a similar host about 25% cheaper.

My issue is the chronic insomnia/narcolepsy. I think given all my symptoms though, I have a fructan allergy and probably have a outlier  case of fibromyalgia.  So. I'm having to be very agressive and careful in gettimg set up to work for myself, so i can be up and down as I please.  Gu will have to be part of that, hence why I'm more worried about comtent creation, then activity at the moment.

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