My involvement ends at the end of recovery

Started by Nightmare, September 22, 2020, 02:53:38 PM

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I don't know if anyone cares still, but I'm sorry to any dev that lost their stuff in the database purge and didn't back it up.  I will try to make sure they recover anything, as data loss is always painful, especially in the cases of OZ and GUF (which I fortunately backed up).  I will not be staff on the new site as I just don't want to see anybody lose their hard work.

Anyway, glad it's finally over and hope everybody can move on.

Known hit list of things I'm currently looking for:

Open Zelda (all releases)
Guardian's Fight Comixx

Anything else lost or not backed up please let me know.

GUF Status:
Demo in early May if schedule goes according


I got the backs up on old CDs.. but I got no CD drive, and it's not worth it.
I'm leaving OZ in the past.

Luke might be your guy to talk to.. but odds are he'll give you his version, which I never liked.. did not feel user friendly at all.
Maybe he also has an older version that you will like.


As I stated before, I have backups of everything that was stored on the site. I'm currently working on getting all of Guardian's stuff to him. As far as OZ goes, the closest thing to a current developer for it is lukex, and he took everything offsite quite some time ago. I haven't checked on his progress in some time, however. Anyone else wanting anyhting that might have been on the server is welcome to try contacting me. The quickest method is on the Discord server.
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NOt: this topic was already answered, but some replies were left with the old database because they were trollish and/or in reply to trolling.


On that note, I've also, that I Sent him everything I have Through you since I have no way to contact him..

And AS I have stated before, NO ONE Else has anything left on the server. dandel apparently took his stuff off before I transferred everything into my name, and those were the only 2 people with anything on the server besides Rowan and Myself.

Still sorting through attachments, but outside of Project Aura uploads I;m not seeing anything special that needs to go to anyone besides avatars, which I will putting up later.
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