Site seems stable, maybe it's time to start finding members?

Started by RetroCheats, May 02, 2024, 02:41:40 AM

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We haven't had a new member since 2021, and he found this site because he found "gu fighter" on internet achieve and got curious to find out where it came from.

Right now, no one can even find this site, unless if these search "thegaminguniverse", and even then youtube channels prioritize the results.

Here's the search result
The Gaming Universe
The Gaming Universe. Please visit the Forums and the Discord: in the meantime.
Doesn't tell you what the site is about, except that you have a forum and discord.

I know you probably want to wait til you got your money, but why not start small, and see if you can get like 1 member a month, just to see if anyone is interested in this gaming forum.